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Digitizing Scent to Connect.
Works like your nose - The sensor captures and digitizes scent. That invisible, subjective sense of smell is now visualized.

What if, aroma bit is installed on smartphone, and you could post your favorite restaurant's sizzling food on SNS along with the aroma of it.

What if, you have aroma bit sniff perfume, and you could tell its aroma in remote place.

A whole new horizon of possibility opened up - with aroma bit



Welcome to Aroma Bit.

At Aroma Bit, we believe in the power of scent or aroma.

Have you ever thought about how many different types of scents and aromas you encounter in one day?

Coffee brewing in the morning
Clean sheets freshly out of the dryer
A steaming hot dish of pasta served at your favorite restaurant
Roses blooming in the garden
The first rain in spring...

We live in a world surrounded by a countless number of scents and aromas. However, our olfactory sense is often overlooked.

This is partly because it is difficult to capture the essence of a scent only using words. For example, how would you clearly describe what a rose smelled like to someone who has never smelled it?

The scents in our environments play a key role in daily life - they can be powerful triggers for emotions and memories.

What if we could create a universal, digital language to express the world of aroma?

Similar to the idea that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” we believe that a digital snapshot of scent can be equally valuable.

What if you could share your favorite scent with someone on the other side of the world?

Or what if you could capture the scent of fresh mountain air while on vacation and then be able to recreate it from the comfort of your home to remind yourself of that trip?

Our vision is to create a new language that allows us to communicate this abstract world of aroma thru aroma visualization technology.

Our company name is based on this concept:

Aroma (smell) + Bit (basic building block of language).

We’ve invented the world’s most advanced, smallest, and low-cost sensors that can digitally capture scent. These sensors have the capability to mimic nose receptors.

We believe that these sensors will revolutionize how people will communicate and share their experiences to the world.

Please stay tuned for our updates!

Aroma Bit, Inc.
Shunichiro Kuroki


Company Name
Aroma Bit, Inc.
Representative Director & CEO
Shunichiro Kuroki
Main Bank
Resona Bank / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mizuho Bank
Major Shareholders
Anritsu Corporation / East Ventures Co., ltd / Kyocera Corporation / J&TC Frontier / Seiko Epson Corporation / Global Brain Corporation / Sony Corporation / tb innovations Ltd. / Toyota Boshoku Corporatio / Japan Tobacco Inc. / Innovation & Future Creation Inc. / Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd / Innovation Growth Fund I L.P. / Japan Tobacco Inc. and Individuals.
Business Domain
Development, Production and Sales of electronic equipments and systems including compact odor imaging sensors. Production, Development and Sales of innovative services using the Sensor products. Other business related to the above.