[NEW PRODUCT] System Development Kit for embedding Odor Imaging Sensor[SDK-1Q]


What is SDK?

SDK is a development kit that will help you develop such product. Aroma Bit provides a sensor module prototype that allows customers to easily augment smell sensor function to products. Select Target smell of your choice.

Aroma Bit will select suitable combinations of sensor receptor membranes that can detect the target smell, and deliver embeddable sensor module with the customized combination set of sensor receptor membranes as development prototype for your Product.

The standard sensor module is ready for mass production at few units ~ few thousand units per month.

How to Start?

STEP 1: Select the target smell. Then, send the sample to Aroma Bit laboratory.

STEP 2: Aroma Bit measures the sample. Then, the maximum of 5 sensor receptor membrane combination is selected and customized that is optimized for detecting the target smell.

STEP 3: The customized sensor module is delivered. Measurement software is included.

Suggested Applications

Quality Control, Ambient monitoring, Healthcare, IoT Devices, Mobility, Energy, Home Appliances, Industrials & Machinery, etc.

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