NEW PRODUCT: High Sensitivity, High Odor Resolution Desktop Odor Measurement Instrument AROMA CODER [Aroma Coder – 35Q]


What is Aroma Coder [Aroma Coder – 35Q]?

Aroma Coder is a desktop odor measurement instrument equipped with Aroma Bit’s most advanced odor imaging sensors.

Quick Facts:

High speed measurement with results in seconds

Easy setup and no need for training upon measurement

Reliable & Repeatable Accurate Measurements

How it works

Aroma Coder is equipped with Aroma Bit’s proprietary 35 odor adsorption films, each with different chemical affinity properties, resembling olfactory receptors. These films are placed on the QCM sensor elements. Adsorption/desorption of chemicals in odor samples are detected as a mass change at the sensor surface and expressed as a change in resonance frequency. This frequency change is measured, resulting in a pattern consisting of 35 different sensor output data. Theoretically, over 5 quadrillion patterns can be generated.

Product Brochure [Aroma Coder – 35Q]